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International Cornellians

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

Welcome international students. We are pleased to offer you a range of medical, counseling, and health promotion services that can support you in your academic pursuits and in your enjoyment of life at Cornell. We encourage to learn more about our services, as well as the topics listed on the left of this page, including tips for new international students at Cornell.

We understand that adjusting to a new community and seeking health care in a country different from your home can feel challenging and, at times, uncomfortable. We are conscious of the diversity of the Cornell population and are committed to providing services that are sensitive, confidential, and responsive to your needs.

It is our hope that the information we provide here will broaden your understanding of health care in the US and of common questions posed by international students.

Language assistance

Students who would find it easier to talk about personal health concerns in their native language can access Gannett's telephone translation service, which offers over 200 languages. This service can be requested when you make your appointment.

Services for families 

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