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Care Outside Gannett

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

Although Gannett is the primary care medical facility for all Cornell students, and does provide a variety of services for dependents, faculty, staff, and postdocs, we realize that sometimes you will need to, or choose to, seek medical care elsewhere. We would like to be helpful in making sure you get the care you need. Please feel free to discuss your needs with a triage nurse, your health care provider, the health care provider on call (when Gannett is closed), or a patient advocate.

Specialty care 

Gannett offers primary care medical services. Most specialty care is beyond the scope of our mission. However, we are well-connected to community providers, and will be happy to work with you to find a provider who can address your needs.

Students who participate in the Student Health Plan: when you are in Ithaca, you will need a referral for specialty care from your primary care provider at Gannett to get the maximum benefits under the plan.  

Ithaca-area providers 

Ithaca is fortunate to have a large community of health care providers. Consult Cayuga Medical Center's Physician Referral Center can help you find a provider. Use Physician Finder or call 607 274-4615.

The Ithaca-Area Yellow Pages provides up-to-date lists of providers of every kind of care available in the area, including medical, mental health, dental, eye care, pharmacy, and alternative and complementary medicines.

Urgent care when Gannett is closed 

If you need urgent care for an illness or injury when Gannett is closed, our on-call health care provider is available to offer consultation and advice about whether, when and where to go for medical evaluation and treatment. If necessary, we will arrange transportation to the Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Department or Convenient Care Center or Five Star Urgent Care.

In case of emergency

♦ ON CAMPUS, call the Cornell Police.

  • 911 from a campus phone
  • 607 255-1111 from a cell or non-campus phone
  • Blue Light Phone or campus emergency phone: lift the receiver or press the button

♦ OFF CAMPUS, call 911

Urgent care

♦ Gannett 24/7 phone consult: 607 255-5155 

Cayuga Medical Center

Transportation options 

More information about what to do in an emergency

HELP! My friend drank too much. 

Calling 9-1-1 for help is not a crime. Learn what to do in an alcohol emergency (and review the Good Samaritan Protocol).



Need a resource?

CALL 2-1-1 or link to the Human Services Coalition to connect with over 650 non-profit and government organizations, and 1300 programs in Tompkins County. Services include health care, legal services, employment, housing, food resources, financial assistance, transportation, day care, mental health services, alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs, etc.  

  • Help is available 24/7.
  • Currently, calls work only from land lines (not cell phones) in Tompkins County.
  • The service is confidential.
  • Interpreter services are available.