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Welcome to the Gannett Pharmacy! 

Phone:607 254-6337 (4-MEDS) – 24/7 automated number
607 255-6976

Prescribing clinicians:

We are listed under "Cornell - zip code 14853" in the Surescript network.

Fax:607 254-5042
Hours:Visit Gannett's Hours page
Location & parking:
Please see below

The Gannett Pharmacy welcomes all students, faculty, and staff members, as well as visitors to campus. 

We fill prescriptions from Gannett health care providers, and from non-Gannett providers. We also provide popular over-the-counter self-care supplies, and consultation with pharmacists who are important members of Gannett's health care team. Learn more at Prescription Items and Non-prescription Items.

Location & parking:

From June 2016 through July 2017, you will find us on the 1st floor of Gannett’s newly built addition (main entrance on Campus Road, across from Anabel Taylor Hall). 

There are 7 Parkmobile client parking spaces – two of which are accessible – beneath our building underpass, next to the entrance [see map here]. Don't have a SmartPhone to access Parkmobile? Come inside to the 1st-floor Cashier's desk and we can help you pay for parking.

In summer 2017, a new and expanded pharmacy will open in our renovated building with an entrance from Ho Plaza.

Pharmacy insurance plans 

The Gannett Pharmacy accepts the following insurance plans. Please bring your insurance card, or a photo of your card on your phone.

  • Aetna US Healthcare  (BIN 610502)
  • Advance Rx  (BIN 004336)
  • Advance PCS (BIN 610415, 610239)
  • Caremark  (BIN 610029)
  • Cornell Student Health Plans (SHP & SHP-M)  (BIN 610502)
  • Express Scripts / Medco  (BIN 003858, 610014)
  • FLRx  (BIN 003585)
  • Medimpact  (BIN 003585)
  • Optum (BIN 610279, 610127)

For those with prescription insurance plans not listed here, we can provide a receipt you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Learn more at Prescription Items

Prescription refills:

  • Please give the Gannett Pharmacy at least 24 hours to refill a prescription we have on file.
  • Please give your Gannett medical provider at least 48 hours to renew a prescription (i.e. send a refill request on your behalf to the Gannett Pharmacy, or another pharmacy). 

To refill your prescription 24/7, sign in to myGannett then select Messages and Pharmacy Services > New Message > Refill a prescription. You can also call 607 254-MEDS (607 254-6337).


Prescription refills

Save time and avoid lines. Request your refill online!

Sign in to myGannett & select: 

  1. Messages and Pharmacy Services
  2. New Message
  3. Refill a prescription

Prescription transfers

Sign in to myGannett & select: 

  1. Messages and Pharmacy Services
  2. New Message
  3. Transfer a prescription

You may also call us at 607 254-6337 (4-MEDS) or 607 255-6976.