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Hazing can be physically, mentally and/or emotionally harmful for students who are hazed and those who haze them.

According to a survey published in 2005 by Campo, Poulos and Sipple, one in three Cornell undergraduates experiences some form of hazing within student groups. More recently released findings provided by the National Study of Student Hazing state 55 percent of students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations report they have experienced hazing. 

These numbers suggest that even if you have not been directly affected by hazing, chances are you are close to someone who has. President Skorton has made a public commitment to end hazing at Cornell. He is not alone in seeking such change. Groups such as HazingPrevention.Org offer information and resources to help prevent this broad reaching behavior.

Visit this comprehensive resource to:

  • learn about hazing at Cornell
  • report incidents of hazing
  • explore alternative group-building activities
  • find out what you can do to prevent hazing
  • discover hazing-related resources


Gannett provides confidential services for anyone involved in or affected by hazing.

Say something. Do something.

Contact the Office of the Dean of Students to talk about information, concerns, policies, strategies, and alternatives related to hazing at Cornell.

Report hazing confidentially. Make a phone call, or submit an online report.